Brentwood Middleton Day Centre

Day Centre for people who are homeless or in threat of homelessness which offers advice and referrals to agencies which offer either immediate access or supported accommodation or even floating support, we also help with housing applications and housing advice.

We also offer help with welfare and benefits advice and refer to food banks and to the Welfare Discretionary Fund and agencies that help provide people who are resettling with basic white goods and furniture.

We also have referral pathways for people struggling with alcohol and substance misuse issues with workers from these services using our building to see people. We also have links with the Mental Health teams and we refer to health practitioners and hospitals.

We also link in with education and employment providers and refer to these services.

We also have links to criminal justice services and work along side bail hostel in Middleton and offender services.

We support people to these services and with these services.

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Big Life

Drug and Alcohol Services, Substance Misuse.
Advice and Information
Solution Focused Workshops
Access to Inpatient Detoxification and Residential Rehabilitation
Complimentary Therapies

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British Legion

If you are serving, have served or are the dependent or carer of someone who has served in the UK's Armed Forces, then you are eligible for our help. We can offer financial aid in an urgent crisis, help homeless ex-Service people get back on their feet, offer careers advice for those looking to make a fresh start after leaving the Forces and much more.

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Discretionary Crisis Fund

Welfare & Benefits

Applications to be made online on For advice call the number shown. Free phones at No1 Riverside Council Offices and Libraries.

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Early Break

Drug and Alcohol Services, Substance Misuse
If you are aged 21 or under, or are a parent or carer of someone aged 21 or under, you can contact Early Break.
The team can offer advice and information over the phone or can arrange an appointment to meet on a one-to-one basis.
Interventions include specialist harm reduction and relapse prevention, psycho-social support and targeted early intervention. The Service has been an innovative provider of interventions into young people's substance related needs since 1994 through:
A clear person-centred ethos in which all workers, clients, parents and partners are valued and shown respect.
Early intervention through proactive outreach and special projects in collaboration with partner agencies.
Specialist substance misuse screening and assessments with young people and families.
Alternative therapy provision for young substance users: Acupuncture, Electro Stimulation Therapy, Aromatherapy and Massage Access to a GP with Special Interest, for young people using substances.
Innovative treatment interventions through jointly negotiated treatment plans with clients.
Development and implementation of the Family Centred Time model where Service Workers have shown considerable strength, skill and experience in working with parents/carers, who often present in crisis themselves.
High levels of investment in the training and support of its workforce.
Effective service user involvement, giving young people a say in the services they receive and listening to their ideas for service development.
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Employment Links Partnership

Training and Employment

Integrated Business Support packages for expanding and relocating businesses in the Borough. Local authority and Rochdale Development Agency services are incorporated including procurement, premises, transport, supply chain and regional grants.

Highly experienced and fully qualified advisers leading on effective and bespoke training and recruitment campaigns, minimising employer HR recruitment resource and cost.

Dedicated recruitment and training solutions for businesses locating on Kingsway Business Park, with experience in replicating internal assessment and recruitment processes for both small and large employers regardless of vacancy numbers.

Extensive borough employer base expertise allowing for up to date labour market information regarding local salary information and numbers of local skilled residents within each sector likely to be attracted to your opportunities.

The opportunity to attract extra funding as a contribution towards your initial payroll costs when recruiting a borough resident (T&C's apply).

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Holding Families

Substance Misuse Services

Holding Families is a multi-disciplinary service that aims to help children, parents and families with problems associated with significant parental substance misuse, where children and adults needs are dealt with and responded to at the same time. In other words, Holding Families work with families where parents have a problem with drugs and alcohol. The team work with each family member separately and as a family unit, for about five months. This also means that although Holding Families has its own programme and systems, the programme also use local, existing services to work with families to make changes to improve family life.

Aims of the Programme:

To support and encourage the family to talk about substance use and associated problems.

To highlight any significant harm caused by parental drug or alcohol use.

To empower parents to make necessary changes.

To encourage parents to remain in treatment for alcohol or drugs.

To allow children’s voices to be heard by parents and workers.

To help families move down the safeguarding threshold.

To build on the things families are already doing well.

Offer to Families Referral for treatment with a drug and alcohol service.

Group work programme for children and young people.

One-to-one sessions for children and young people with experienced, trained workers.

Group work programme for parents delivered at children’s centres.

One to one sessions for parents.

Family meetings.

Support and understanding of Safeguarding, Child Protection plans and Common Assessment Framework and submitting reports to evidence family progress Support for carers and non-using partners.

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Langley House Trust – Tekoa House

Housing Services

A mix of single and shared rooms for men aged over 18+. 37 bed hostel for homeless people. Agency referrals accepted.

Key features:

Single and shared rooms

Full-board catering and tea/coffee stations

Move-on unit with self-catering kitchen

24 hour staffing

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Mantra Learning Manchester

Training & Employment:

With Mantra Learning you can do qualifications and Apprenticeships that will give you a great start, leading to a good job in an industry with a great future.

We also have excellent facilities for apprenticeships in LGV driving and LGV repair and maintenance, including DSA specification driving pads and a fully equipped MOT bay.

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